Click on the Titles to Read:

  1. Abraham Lincoln and God in Everyday Life
  2. Broken and the Whole
  3. Call of the Infinite
  4. Call of the Mother
  5. Call of Vivekananda
  6. Christ the Eternal 
  7. Christ the Spiritual Hero
  8. Deeper Understanding of Our Mind
  9. Dignity of Man in Different Stages
  10. Doors to Spiritual Knowledge 
  11. Eternal Pilgrim
  12. Far and Near
  13. Freedom of the Soul
  14. God for Man, Man for God
  15. God’s Play in Man
  16. God’s Response to Man
  17. Great Mother
  18. Harmony of the Yogas: Sri Chaitanya
  19. In Memory of Abraham Lincoln
  20. In Search of Friendship
  21. In Search of Fullness
  22. In Tune with Sri Ramakrishna
  23. Jesus Christ: the Known and the Unknown
  24. Joy of Life Through Joy of God
  25. Joys, Sorrows and Serenity
  26. Lord on His Chariot 
  27. Krishna, the Teacher of the Gita
  28. Levels of Unity
  29. Love: Human and Divine
  30. Madhuri: Sweetness of the Divine 
  31. Man, A Bird
  32. Mother, Mahashakti
  33. My God, My All
  34. Mystery of Divine Name
  35. Never Estranged from God
  36. On God’s Side
  37. Peace: Outer and Inner
  38. Prayer and its Methods
  39. Renunciation: Outside and Inside
  40. Role of Teacher in Spiritual Life
  41. Shiva the Great God of the Hindus
  42. Spiritual Contemplation
  43. Spiritual Homage to Lincoln
  44. Spiritual Wonder of Man
  45. Sri Ramakrishna and the Thirst for God
  46. Steadiness with God
  47. Swami Vivekananda: Prophet of Vedanta
  48. Synthesis in Vivekananda
  49. To Make God Real in Life
  50. To Rise Above Sadness
  51. To Unite All Hopes in God
  52. To Walk with Christ
  53. Vision of Freedom
  54. Wonder of Spiritual Life